How To Use My Sandelier

Are you having a hard time creating the beautiful patterns you see in our ads with your Sandelier?
You believe it might be faulty?
Rest assured that your Sandelier is in perfect shape. However, you may need a little time and practice in order to learn how to properly use it if you want to make the most of it.
This article will help you understand more about it.

1) The Prerequisite

First of all, you want to make sure the air and water levels in your art piece are adjusted. We make sure to adjust them before shipping, but sometimes, the variations in humidity/temperature during transit can alter them.

Here is what your Sandelier should look like:
You feel like your Sandelier looks pretty different from that? Then it might require an adjustment. Visit this link: Adjusting the air/water levels.

2) The Flip-over

Now that your Sandelier is all set up, let's learn how to turn it over properly, so that the sand will tumble down slowly and create beautiful layered patterns.
First, you want the layer of sand to be evenly distributed across your art piece.
If it isn't the case, gently lean it repeatedly on each side to let the sand level itself naturally, until it forms a nice straight line like in picture A.
If the layer of sand is curved like on picture B, the air bubbles will gather in the center when you flip your Sandelier over, leaving the sides without anything to hold them up. Therefore, the sand will dump straight to the bottom in a matter of seconds, which isn't pretty.

Now, let's flip it over!
But how?
If you flip it horizontally, the air bubbles will be more likely to gather on one side, leaving an empty space on the other side, leading the sand directly to the bottom quickly.
We recommend flipping it vertically, so that the air bubbles will raise at the top and form an even line all across your Sandelier. With only a few spaces to let the sand flow, you have the perfect set up to witness beautiful mountains being slowly formed.
Flipping it vertically is not possible with the wall-mount units, so you will have to rotate it. You want to rotate it in a quick swivel motion, and to lean it a little bit on each side to let the air bubbles spread evenly across the whole piece.

If the air bubbles completely prevent the sand from falling down every time you try, it means that there are too many of them. In this case, simply click here: Adjusting the air/water levels.

If the sand falls too fast no matter how you flip your Sandelier, without creating any design, it means that there aren't enough air bubbles to hold the sand up. In this case, you need to add more air bubbles to your art piece. Click here to learn how to do it: Adjusting the air/water levels.