Custom Order Request

Here you can make a custom request to have your own Wall Mount Sandelier with your favorite colors in it. The perfect piece for a birthday, a wedding or any type of ceremony. Get the Sandelier that matches your decor and make an entire room pop out with this beautiful addition.

Note: we only offer customization for the Wall Mount Sandelier.
Please check out first if we already have the design you like by clicking here.

How to place a custom order?

Fill in the form below and choose between the following options:

  • Size: 10" ($175) / 12" ($230) / 16" ($340) / 24" ($700)
  • Frame color: Black / White
  • Background color: Black / White / Other*
  • Main sand color: Black / Grey / Dark Blue / Light Blue / GreenOrange / Pink / Purple / Red
  • Golden sand (free extra): Yes / No

Note: we will add black and white sand to your main color in order to create beautiful patterns.

We will then provide you with a custom link in order to complete your order.
Allow several more days for the handcrafting of your custom piece.

*you can request a specific color for the background, as well as an image of your own. Not all images are suitable. Format of the image must be a circle or a rectangle 2x1). We recommend using a plain background.

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